For over 50 years, the CWHR has been representing the common interests of our members through economic diplomacy in, and with, Germany. Our success is due to the work of the Secretary General, the commitment of the Board, and the initiative and contributions of our members.

Our Structure

CWHR Board


Vice President

Board member


Board member

Associated Board Member

Secretary General

General Assembly

The general assembly is the central body of the CWHR. It elects the Board and decides on the direction and priorities of the club. The next general assembly will take place in early 2024.


When you join CWHR you gain access to our exclusive network of members, newsletters, events, and collaborations.

Embassies and Diplomats

Applications for ordinary membership are open to embassies or individual diplomats. We welcome your interest.

Commercial Organizations

Non-voting membership is open to commercial organizations that would like to support and take part in our network.