Economic diplomacy

for a more prosperous world

The Club of Economic and Trade Councilors (CWHR) is a multinational association of economic and trade diplomats, accredited in Berlin. Founded in Bonn in 1962, the CWHR is a leading institution for economic diplomacy. The club represents the common interests of its members in, and with, Germany.

What we do

CWHR is both a platform for networking among economic diplomats, and a central point of contact between the international diplomatic community and German business and economic policy.

Successful economic diplomacy furthers vertical networking across commercial, national, and global economies, and horizontal networking between states and regions. In support of this, CWHR maintains an extensive network in Berlin, one of the world's leading political and business hubs.

Economic diplomacy makes a crucial contribution to global society. Our work helps promote investments, strengthen relationships, create jobs, and increase well-being and prosperity worldwide. At the same time, it fosters cooperation and collaboration in the spirit of multilateralism.

How we work

We support and promote the interests of our members through:

Internal Events

Exclusive receptions and dinners, confidential discussion circles, and the annual general meeting provide networking opportunities and encourage cooperation and conversation among our members.

External Events

Public receptions and exclusive events with distinguished guests and speakers, provide unique opportunities for learning and exchange with Germany's leading economic decision-makers and commentators.

Visits and Excursions

Visits and excursions give our members privileged insights into Germany's economy and industry. This sparks and enables confidential exchange as the basis for economic diplomatic initiatives.

Information and Networking

Through a regular newsletter, updates about our membership and inclusion in a private list of our close partners and sponsors, we give our members a comprehensive understanding of the economic diplomatic environment in Berlin and Germany.

Join Us

Embassies and Diplomats

Applications for ordinary membership are open to embassies or individual diplomats. We welcome your interest.

Commercial Organizations

Non-voting membership is open to commercial organizations that would like to support and take part in our network.